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podpis kwalifikowany Wrocław

24 August 2021

Changes in KRS from July. Brief overview

For entrepreneurs obliged to register with it, KRS (National Court Register) is the most […]

kasy fiskalne 2023 rok

25 February 2021

Current dates of the mandatory replacement of old-type cash registers with online cash registers in 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Finance has decided to change the […]

Podpis elektroniczny, a elektronizacja zamówień publicznych

25 February 2021

Electronic signature and the electronicisation of public procurements

Nowadays, the digitalisation of services is slowly becoming the standard wherever feasible. Market and […]

Ulga na kasy fiskalne

25 February 2021

Up to 90% relief on the purchase of a fiscal cash register, check who is eligible?

In the new year, many industries will see a real revolution in the recording […]

Zostaliśmy dealerem i serwisem kas fiskalnych online

25 February 2021

We have become a dealer and service provider of Datecs online fiscal cash registers

We are pleased to announce that since December this year we have become a […]

Kto musi kupić kasę fiskalną

25 February 2021

Who needs to buy a cash register and when?

The group of entrepreneurs obliged to register sales of goods and services with the […]

Co to jest podpis elektroniczny

25 February 2021

What is an electronic signature and how do I obtain one?

Are you self-employed and therefore often in contact with authorities, such as ZUS and […]