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Fiscal cash registers offered by Netvet

We offer top class fiscal cash registers from proven manufacturers. We regularly update our range in order to continually offer the most innovative equipment on the market. In our assortment you will find mobile and stationary online fiscal cash registers in Wrocław. What does it mean that these are online models? Well, they connect and submit sales information to the Central Cash Registers Repository, which is becoming a requirement for more and more industries.

In addition, our cash registers are equipped with numerous functionalities that make their use comfortable and facilitate running a business. Advanced models available:

  • allow WiFi and LAN
  • connection, allow GSM
  • connection (mobile cash registers), are equipped
  • with powerful batteries,
  • have USB ports, have clear displays, are equipped with a keyboard with numerous function keys.




Who are cash registers for?

Under the current legislation, in principle, every entrepreneur should have a fiscal cash register. According to the general prevailing provision, this obligation applies to anyone who sells goods or services. In reality, however, there are many provisions exempting particular groups from this obligation. For example, some entrepreneurs whose annual income does not exceed PLN 20,000 are not required to have a fiscal cash register. Nevertheless, in the vast majority of cases, having a cash register, specifically an online cash register, is necessary. It is necessary to have cash registers for physician, cash registers for hairdressers, cash registers for online shops, lawyers, architects and representatives of dozens of other professions.

We provide fiscal cash registers for any industry, including for:

For physicians

For lawyers

For shops

For architects

For gastronomy

For notaries

For beauticians

For car mechanics

For hairdressers

For dentists

For psychologists

For construction companies

What is a cash register?

We all encounter cash registers every day, whether shopping or using any services. It is a device that companies use to record turnover, in other words, to record revenue. At the same time, cash registers are supposed to calculate and record the amounts of income tax and VAT. Thus, cash registers for gastronomy, cash registers for architects or any other retailers or service providers serve as many as three entities:

  • entrepreneurs – by organising income data and calculating tax amounts,
  • state control authorities – by recording the amounts of taxes due,
  • customers – by generating a summary document of purchases with a breakdown into net amount and VAT amount.

In terms of design, cash registers today are very diverse. We offer both slightly larger stationary models and small and light mobile cash registers. Modern devices provide WiFi and LAN connectivity, which is essential for mobile equipment. All the cash registers in our range can be ordered on-line or in our physical location. The city in which we have a physical location is Wrocław.

kasa fiskalna
kasa fiskalna w mieście

Online cash registers – what are they?

Fiscal cash registers are becoming more and more sophisticated every year. The previously mentioned WiFi or LAN connectivity have already become established standards. Now the devices have another functionality, that is the ability to transmit data to government bodies. These are online cash registers, about to become mandatory under the 2019 law. So far, the provision applies only to entities operating in selected sectors, but eventually it will apply to all. The device sends data from the cash register, every day after printing a daily report, or more frequently, to the Central Repository of Cash Registers. The obligation to provide access to the Internet rests with the company using the cash register. For companies that do not have Internet access at their place of business or are mobile, we offer cash registers with a GSM modem and inexpensive Internet access.
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