farex kasa fiskalna Online Fiscal Cash Registers New category of fiscal devices that communicate with the Central Register of Cash Registers kept by the National Tax Administration Check it now kasa fiskalna On-line POS Devices Fiscal device, payment terminal and sales management system in one. Check it now podpis elektroniczny akceptacja Electronic signature It is your signature in electronic form. You can use it with a special device (e.g. a token). Use it to sign electronic documents. Check it now





Fiscal cash registers Wrocław

Our offer includes the most technologically advanced state-of-the-art cash registers. These are devices that transfer data via mobile networks and WiFi. The equipment we offer is multifunctional, yet simple to use. We offer fiscal cash registers in Wrocław from recognised manufacturers. We ensure that each fiscal cash register in our offer meets the current legal requirements.

We realise how diverse the needs of our clients are, so we are constantly expanding our offer to meet the needs of representatives of any industry. Fiscal cash registers in Wrocław, available in our regular shop, but also in online shop, are stationary and mobile devices. Many of the devices we provide are suitable for mobile work. Do you work as a courier, physician, beautician or maybe a plumber? Choose one of our cash registers and conveniently issue receipts to your customers, no matter where you perform the service.

We provide fiscal cash registers for any industry, including for:

For physicians


For lawyers


For shops


For architects


For gastronomy


For notaries


For beauticians


For car mechanics


For hairdressers


For dentists


For psychologists


For construction companies


Recommended products

Datecs WP-50 WiFi and GPRS Online Fiscal Cash Register (black)

Fiscal cash register Datecs WP-50 GPRS with SIM card (white)

Fiscal cash register Datecs WP-50 GPRS with SIM card (black)

Online renewal of the valid electronic signature for existing customers for 2 years

Datecs WP-50 online fiscal cash register WiFi and GPRS White


Electronic signature, Wrocław – do business online

We offer you purchase of an electronic signature so that you can handle all official matters without leaving your home. However, it is worth noting that there are differences between a standard e-signature and a qualified signature. The first one does not have the power to certify relevant documents, and thus the possibilities of its use are limited. However, this does not apply to the qualified signature, which fully replaces the traditional handwritten signature. In times of pandemic and the social distance forced by it, a qualified signature is the perfect solution. It even seems indispensable for anyone who works remotely.

It allows you, without leaving your home, to:

  • sign agreement with a partner,
  • settle any official matters.

We would like to emphasise that you can buy an electronic signature from us, online, but to create a qualified signature, you will need to confirm your identity in person. This is an absolute legal requirement. We create qualified electronic signatures in our offices in Wrocław and in Bielany Wrocławskie. On-site visits are also possible.

Advantages of an electronic signature numbers don’t lie

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