For car mechanics

Farex Pro 300 LAN online fiscal cash register with WiFi option

Fiscal cash register Datecs WP-50 GPRS with SIM card (black)

FAREX Pro 300 LAN+GSM Rental for 12 months

Farex Pro 300 LAN Online Fiscal Cash Register with WiFi

FAREX Pro 300 LAN with WiFi – Rental for 12 months

Farex Pro 300 online fiscal cash register LAN + GSM with WiFi option

Online fiscal cash register Farex Pro 600 LAN with WiFi option

Available on back-order

Online Cash Register Farex Pro 300 LAN + GSM with SIM card (internet) for 5 years

Online Cash Register Datecs WP-25 GPRS with SIM card (black)

Which cash registers for mechanics in Wrocław work best? Given the nature of work of mechanics, cash register devices must be:
● robust, resistant to damage and dirt,
● easy to handle and quick to change the paper roll,
● efficient and suitable for mobile work.

Our specialists will help you choose the right equipment for your business. The cash registers we offer for car repair shops in Wrocław are suitable for both stationary workplaces and while travelling to customers. They meet all legal requirements, are handy, reliable and help streamline the customer service process to the maximum.