Farex Pro 300 LAN online fiscal cash register with WiFi option

Fiscal cash register Datecs WP-50 GPRS with SIM card (black)

FAREX Pro 300 LAN+GSM Rental for 12 months

Farex Pro 300 LAN Online Fiscal Cash Register with WiFi

FAREX Pro 300 LAN with WiFi – Rental for 12 months

Datecs WP-50 online fiscal cash register WiFi and GPRS White

Farex Pro 300 online fiscal cash register LAN + GSM with WiFi option

Datecs WP-50 WiFi and GPRS Online Fiscal Cash Register (black)

Online cash registers – the best new generation cash register devices

Do you need a functional device with high quality and full data security? You are in the right place. Our fiscal cash registers for dentists in Wroclaw:
● have many practical functions,
● print the purchaser’s VAT number on the receipt,
● securely store data in internal memory,
● handle cash and non-cash payments,
● send all data automatically to a central data communication system.

The latest generation of cash registers for dentists in Wrocław are easy to use and fit easily even in a doctor’s bag. Thanks to the mobility of the device, you can always have it with you.