CyberJack® RFID standard e-Card reader (PL)

CyberJack® RFID standard e-Card reader (PL)

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CyberJack® RFID standard e-Card reader (PL)

The e-Evidence reader with PIN PAD is a device integrated into the keyboard that provides secure PIN entry when using e-Evidence. The use of PIN PAD ensures the protection and confidentiality of the process.

The product was developed by REINER SCT, a global leader in biometric technology. The cyberJack® RFID standard (PL) e-Proof reader has been tailored specifically for the Polish market and to support the Polish electronic-layer ID card. The device meets all the requirements set by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration (MSWiA).

The reader supports both proximity and contact cards, making it a versatile tool for handling e-Proofs.