Fiscal cash register Datecs WP-50 GPRS with SIM card (white)

Fiscal cash register Datecs WP-50 GPRS with SIM card (white)

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Fiscal cash register Datecs WP-50 GPRS with SIM card

Datecs WP-50 fiscal cash register is a next-generation online register, equipped with GPRS support. This allows it to connect to the Central Cash Repository managed by the Chief of the National Tax Administration, where it sends data about sold services or goods. The device can be used by all entrepreneurs who are required to exchange their used fiscal cash register for an online fiscal cash register. In this version, the cash register has a SIM card with internet access for 3 years, ensuring its connectivity with the CRK, and the user only needs to plug it into the power supply.

Datecs WP-50 – efficient and mobile online fiscal cash register

The Datecs WP-50 fiscal cash register stands out for its compact dimensions (88x200x74 mm) and weight (0.604 kg without paper). The manufacturer equipped this model with an efficient lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh, allowing the cash register to work for many hours without access to mains power. Reliability and mobility go hand in hand with the ability to personalize receipts – the user can include the company logo on the fiscal document. The presented device is suitable for use in retail points and can also be used as a mobile cash register. As a result, it is the perfect cash register for beauticians or hairdressers who offer services with home visits. Choosing this online fiscal cash register means no need to buy two separate devices – stationary and mobile.

Online fiscal cash register with a capacious item database

Beginner entrepreneurs usually do not pay attention to the capacity of the item database offered by the selected fiscal cash register. Despite its small dimensions, the Datecs WP-50 has a 12,000 PLU (Price Look-Up Unit) item database capacity. This capacity is sufficient even when the business expands significantly, and the offer is expanded with additional items. The Datecs WP-50 is a fiscal cash register for hairdressers or beauticians who plan to expand their offer in the future, for example, by selling specialized cosmetics. It is also a good fiscal cash register for the gastronomy sector. Choosing an online fiscal cash register with an extensive item database ensures that the device will not need to be replaced, for example, after a year of use.

Datecs WP-50 fiscal cash registers for a wide range of industries

Datecs WP-50 is an online fiscal cash register that can be used by entrepreneurs from various industries. Since the device can operate in temperatures from -15 to +45 degrees Celsius, it will also be a fiscal cash register for construction companies or mechanics – entrepreneurs who work outside buildings, even in adverse weather conditions. The Datecs WP-50 fiscal cash register is prepared to work with payment terminals. Therefore, it can be a fiscal cash register for lawyers, doctors, psychologists, or physiotherapists who want to attract clients preferring non-cash payments to their offices and clinics.

Additional accessories for the Datecs WP-50 fiscal cash register

Mobile online fiscal cash registers are often moved, which means it is worth protecting them from accidental damage. The Datecs WP-50 fiscal cash register for doctors or physiotherapists has been designed for use outside the office. Users of the device are also offered a case. Additionally, a car charger can be purchased for the presented online fiscal cash register. This solution is for entrepreneurs who will use the device exclusively as mobile. Due to the possibility of working with a car charger, the Datecs WP-50 will work as a fiscal cash register for passenger transport.

Datecs WP-50 – intuitive online fiscal cash registers

The Datecs WP-50 online fiscal cash register has been designed with the convenience of entrepreneurs in mind. The manufacturer decided to use a “Drop and work” paper exchange system, making paper roll replacement a momentary task for the user. On the other hand, the backlit, graphical LCD display allows issuing a receipt even in the absence of lighting. The device has been adapted to work not only with payment terminals but also with barcode scanners, scales, and PCs. Thanks to this, it is an attractive fiscal cash register for the gastronomy sector or construction companies and entrepreneurs planning to change the form of their business in the future.

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