Certum Mini electronic stamp with reader – 2 years

Certum Mini electronic stamp with reader – 2 years

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Certum Mini electronic seal with reader – 2 years
Certum seal is a trust service for electronic document sealing. The seal contains only the data of the entity with legal personality.
It comes with 5000 pcs/month of time stamps.

The set consists of:
cryptographic card
card reader
CERTUM qualified certificate
a set of time stamps

Activation and identity confirmation procedure:
1.Purchase of a qualified seal
2.Activation of the cryptographic card on the Certum Panel
3.Confirmation of identity – at the NETVET office or at the client’s business premises/at the client’s home
4.Software installation
5.Downloading the certificate

Application of electronic seal:
sealing of company electronic correspondence
sealing electronic invoices
sealing documents
issuing and receiving invoices electronically through KSeF (National e-Invoice System)