Robot dostawczy Keenon T5

Robot dostawczy Keenon T5

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KEENON DINERBOT T5: Innovative Delivery Robot for your Restaurant

Bring a revolution in customer service to your restaurant with the KEENON DINERBOT T5, an intelligent delivery robot that not only delivers food but also provides an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Technology at the highest level

Using advanced LIDAR mapping technology, the KEENON DINERBOT T5 accurately navigates any environment, identifying objects and avoiding collisions. In addition, the ability to open doors remotely makes order delivery even more convenient and efficient.

Versatility in Supply

It doesn’t just deliver food – our robot is versatile and can handle a variety of tasks, such as serving drinks, sending parcels or even delivering express parcels. This not only improves service, but also attracts new customers to your establishment.

Ease of Operation and Configuration

Thanks to the Android operating system and touchscreen control panel, operating the KEENON DINERBOT T5 is intuitive and easy even for less experienced users. The flexible speed limit function ensures adaptation to any terrain, guaranteeing safe and efficient operation in all conditions.

Reliability and Efficiency

With four adjustable trays with a maximum load of 10 kg each, the KEENON DINERBOT T5 can handle even the most demanding orders. In addition, intelligent facial expressions and flexible voice communication make interacting with customers even more fun and engaging.

Provide an Exceptional Guest Experience

With the multi-point delivery function, our robot can deliver your order to three different tables in one pass, minimising waiting times and ensuring fast service. Smart delivery notifications and programmable pick-up times ensure that your guests always receive their meals in perfect condition and always on time.

Invest in the KEENON DINERBOT T5 and see your restaurant become a place where innovation meets excellent customer service. Offer an exceptional dining experience and attract new customers with our intelligent delivery robot