Wynajem robota Keenon T8 – miesiąc

Wynajem robota Keenon T8 – miesiąc

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T8 delivery robot

Welcome to the world of the future of delivery!

Can you imagine the perfect assistant that will not only speed up your work but also bring a new quality of service to your business? Meet the T8 model – a revolutionary delivery robot that will directly change your approach to your daily chores.

The T8 delivery robot is not just an appliance – it’s a partner that can reliably handle any task. Thanks to its innovative 2+1 vision planner, the T8 is able to scan and recognise obstacles in real time, making it move smoothly even in the busiest environments.

Its versatility is impressive – whether as a waiter in a restaurant, a snack provider at a party or a courier delivering small parcels, the T8 easily adapts to a variety of tasks. Equipped with a laser sensor, the T8 senses precisely whether something is on the tray, ensuring the safety and security of the items being transported.

The T8’s high efficiency and intelligence is the key to success in the dynamic business world. With remote control via computer, tablet or phone, you can have full control of the robot, even when you are away from it.

Get ready for a revolution in customer service and work efficiency. Choose the T8 model and join the future today!



What distinguishes the T8 model?

  • equipped with a vision planner
  • ideal for working in crowded rooms
  • very efficient, agile and intelligent
  • thanks to laser sensors, it senses whether something is on the tray
  • remote control via computer, tablet or phone


The cost of implementation should be added to the rental costs: PLN 500 net.