Building networks

Building networks in Wrocław

Building computer networks has become a necessity in administrative, banking, military and other industries for over a decade now. Our company NetVet deals with building computer networks.

We offer building computer networks in Wrocław:

  • data cabling (LAN, video surveillance, telephone structured cabling) and electrical cabling for companies, offices, call centres, houses
  • establishment and configuration of wireless WLAN (WiFi) networks
    modernisation, configuration of existing but malfunctioning networks
  • sale and configuration of routers of most manufacturers (8level, Alcatel, Alnet, Asmax, AVM, Belkin, Buffalo, Cisco, D-Link, DraTek, Edimax, Huawei, Intellinet, LevelOne, Linksys, LogiLink, Modecom, Netgear, Option, Ovislink AirLive, Pentagram, Planet, Sapido, Sitecom, Sweex, Tenda, Tp-Link) and for all Internet providers
  • installation and configuration of network printers
  • installation and configuration of NAS servers, file sharing, backup copies, private “clouds”
  • configuration, secure remote access for those needing to access a computer or company data from the “field” or home
  • configuration of supervision, for the owner, of the computers in the company network (full data on user activity)
  • day-to-day supervision of the operation of the network with interventions in the event of failures or problems