Business services

Corporate IT services

Our company from Wrocław has been providing IT services for companies for over 10 years. We provide IT services for companies in Wrocław and the surrounding area. Professional and comprehensive IT services for companies:
  • We offer permanent or ad hoc IT support for companies, in the model of fixed monthly lump-sum fees or price list fees for the services provided. 
  • We take care of the constant efficiency of the company’s IT infrastructure and remove failures. 
  • We monitor the performance and available resources of computers in real time. 
  • We build and manage networks. 
  • We provide employees of our client companies with telephone and remote assistance in solving IT problems. 
  • We advise on IT and telecommunications issues. 
  • We assist or completely take over the, often very difficult, contact with telecommunications operators. 
  • We select and sell or advise on the purchase of new IT equipment.