Virtual cash register iPOS pocket – rental for 36 months.

Virtual cash register iPOS pocket – rental for 36 months.

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iPOS Pocket: All-in-One Mobile Cash Terminal

iPOS Pocket is a revolutionary mobile cash terminal by iPOS, merging a virtual online fiscal cash register, payment terminal, and sales system into one compact device. Featuring a sleek design, it includes physical buttons, a large touchscreen, and a built-in receipt or invoice printer. With GSM connectivity and optional barcode scanner, it’s a comprehensive solution suitable for various businesses, primarily in the HoReCa sector.

Innovative Virtual Cash Register Concept

Since 2020, Polish regulations have allowed virtual cash registers, and iPOS Pocket capitalizes on this. It’s equipped with dedicated software serving as a virtual fiscal cash register, seamlessly integrated with sales support functions. The device ensures wireless connectivity, making transactions possible anywhere. Ideal for restaurants, bars, and events, it streamlines order taking, payment processing, and receipt issuance.

Compact and Functional Design

iPOS Pocket features a high-quality touchscreen, physical buttons, and a thermal printer, all packed into a pocket-sized device. It offers essential capabilities like sales registration, payment acceptance, and receipt printing. With its integrated battery and GSM connectivity, it’s highly mobile, ideal for on-the-go sales scenarios, such as food delivery or large outdoor events.

Seamless Integration and Scalability

Compatible with other iPOS solutions, iPOS Pocket can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems. Combined with stationary cash registers like iPOS Smart+, it offers comprehensive sales support across multiple terminals. This allows for real-time monitoring of sales activities and easy scalability to accommodate business growth.

Affordable Options

iPOS Pocket can be purchased outright or rented for 36 months, with flexible tariff options. The purchase option includes installation of the virtual fiscal cash register on a payment terminal, while the rental option offers a fixed monthly fee. Both options provide access to online sales reports and card payment processing.


iPOS Pocket revolutionizes sales operations with its all-in-one functionality, mobility, and affordability. Whether in restaurants, bars, or at events, it offers a seamless and efficient sales experience, making it a valuable asset for businesses in the HoReCa sector and beyond.

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