For gastronomy

Farex Pro 300 LAN online fiscal cash register with WiFi option

Fiscal cash register Datecs WP-50 GPRS with SIM card (black)

Virtual cash register iPOS pocket – rental for 36 months.

FAREX Pro 300 LAN+GSM Rental for 12 months

Farex Pro 300 LAN Online Fiscal Cash Register with WiFi

FAREX Pro 300 LAN with WiFi – Rental for 12 months

Datecs WP-50 online fiscal cash register WiFi and GPRS White

Farex Pro 300 online fiscal cash register LAN + GSM with WiFi option

Fiscal cash registers for gastronomy companies

Do you run a gastronomy business? Nowadays, even a small gastronomy business needs practical and reliable cash registers to help manage the premises and issue receipts quickly. Fiscal cash registers for gastronomy in Wrocław we offer:
● make your work more efficient,
● speed up the customer service process,
● are clear and easy to use,
● make ordering and serving several tables at the same time easier.

Whether your business is stationary or mobile, we will help you choose the most optimal device.