Farex Pro 300 LAN online fiscal cash register with WiFi option

Fiscal cash register Datecs WP-50 GPRS with SIM card (black)

FAREX Pro 300 LAN+GSM Rental for 12 months

Farex Pro 300 LAN Online Fiscal Cash Register with WiFi

FAREX Pro 300 LAN with WiFi – Rental for 12 months

Datecs WP-50 online fiscal cash register WiFi and GPRS White

Farex Pro 300 online fiscal cash register LAN + GSM with WiFi option

Datecs WP-50 WiFi and GPRS Online Fiscal Cash Register (black)

Fiscal cash register Datecs WP-50 GPRS with SIM card (white)

What to consider when choosing a device?

Does your work involve frequent off-site meetings? Our cash registers are mobile, so you can take them for example to meetings with clients and to court. In addition, cash registers for lawyers in Wrocław are characterised by:

● small size and weight, making it easy for you to perform your duties,
● long battery life, so you don’t have to worry about the battery going flat when you least expect it,
● modern features and Wi-Fi connectivity,
● accepting card and cash payments.
The fiscal cash registers we offer are multi-purpose and will be perfect for your law firm.