Up to 90% relief on the purchase of a fiscal cash register, check who is eligible?

In the new year, many industries will see a real revolution in the recording of product sales using online cash registers. What is important to know about it? Which online cash register to choose? How do I get a refund for its purchase?

Ulga na kasy fiskalne

With the arrival of capitalism, the retail trade in Poland changed. As early as in 1993, the first cash registers appeared, but they were used in very few places. Over the following years, they began to appear in more and more places, debuting in more and more areas, regardless of whether it is about selling products or services. This obligation results from Art. 111 section 1 of the Value Added Tax Act. Today, for most entrepreneurs, having a fiscal cash register is an obligation. Therefore, it is all the more worthwhile to find out everything important about the new regulations.

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New provisions – what do they change?

The relevant regulations were published in March 2019, amending two Acts: the Value Added Tax Act and the Weights and Measures Act. The most important provisions in the above-mentioned documents impose an obligation on a specific group of entrepreneurs to register transactions using online fiscal cash registers. It was intended that these changes would take place earlier – as early as 30 June 2020 and 31 December 2020 (depending on the industry), but the epidemic situation has verified these plans. The deadlines have been postponed until 2021. You can read more about the deadlines in the following article at https://netvet.pl/aktualne-terminy-obowiazkowej-wymiany-kas-fiskalnych-starego-typu-na-kasy-fiskalne-online-w-2021-roku/.

Online cash registers – in which industries are they already present?

Currently, entrepreneurs use one of three types of cash registers. The oldest of these are cash registers with a paper journal. As the name suggests, the receipt is printed on a roll of paper. During the transaction, one copy goes to the customer, the other to the seller.

More recent are cash registers with electronic copies. Here, the copy is recorded not on paper but on a data carrier (this can be an SD card). And the newest are (described in the article) online fiscal cash registers that directly, continuously and automatically transfer data to the Central Repository of Cash Registers. And these are set to be more and more commonly used in a variety of business areas.

The are already used in some of them – in the points of sale offering petrol, diesel or natural gas for internal combustion engines, They are also present in companies repairing motor vehicles and motorcycles. Although the coronavirus pandemic has changed the timetable for their implementation in many other areas, it is certain that from 1 January 2021, online cash registers will be mandatory for specific businesses. On the one hand, this applies to entrepreneurs involved in food-related services and short-term accommodation, on the other hand, to those selling coal, briquettes and similar solid fuels made from coal (lignite, coke and semi-coke). From July 2021, this obligation will extend to many other industries. What are these? You can read all about it in our article at https://netvet.pl/kto-i-kiedy-musi-kupic-kase-fiskalna/.

How to get a refund for buying an online fiscal cash register?

It is definitely worth taking advantage of the refund, as the discount for the purchase of cash registers amounts to as much as 90% of its price, but no more than PLN 700. The refund applies to companies that are obliged to record sales on a fiscal cash register and have started handling transactions using online fiscal cash registers. It also applies to entities which are not obliged to record sales and have never used cash registers for this purpose before. But they want to start doing this by using an online cash register.

The relief is available to entrepreneurs paying VAT, but also to those who are exempt from this obligation. It also applies to entities performing only non-taxable activities and registering their sales using a fiscal cash register (so-called passive VAT taxpayers). Depending on your status as a VAT payer, you can settle the refund in the relevant VAT return statement (this applies to active VAT payers) or by submitting an application to the tax office (passive VAT payers).

You can be sure that in the short and long term, these changes will affect practically every entrepreneur, so it is worth knowing where to buy an online cash register and how to get a refund. We recommend our offer including the best devices of this type: https://netvet.pl/kasy-fiskalne/. The specialists at Netvet not only will select a cash register perfect to suit your business needs, but they will also help you get a return.