Cryptographic card cryptoCertum 3.6 – CERTUM

Cryptographic card cryptoCertum 3.6 – CERTUM

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Cryptographic card cryptoCertum 3.6 – CERTUM

CryptoCertum 3.6 Cryptographic Card is an advanced microprocessor device that provides a high level of security for identification, data transfer and counterfeit prevention. It is designed for various users, including individuals, companies and public institutions.

This universal cryptographic card can be used on various platforms, such as Windows, Mac and Linux. There are two versions of this card: the Standard 3.6 and Mini 3.6, which differ only in size.

In addition, we encourage you to check out our range of cryptographic card readers, which can be easily connected to a personal computer using common interfaces.

It is worth noting that the card itself does not contain a certificate, but both qualified and non-qualified certificates can be loaded onto it.

Type of card: standard or mini