IPOS smart online POS device

IPOS smart online POS device

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iPOS brings your business to the future

Having fiscal cash register is mandatory, but it doesn’t benefit your business – in the age of the internet, it can’t even send sales results to a computer. Plus, you need this separate, paid extra, terminal.

With iPOS we can provide you modern, usable solutions to grow your business. We are declaring the end of the era of cash registers, instead offering an assistant to support you in your daily work.


iPOS is a fiscal device, a payment terminal and a sales system in one. It will enable you to comply with the fiscal obligation and provide you with functions that will allow you to work efficiently. Every model has a touchscreen, so you work as comfortably and easily as with your smartphone.


You can issue not only receipts. A customer comes to you and asks for an invoice. You ask them for their NIP and iPOS does the rest. Customer details are always up to date. The invoice is ready. Do you need to issue a receipt with NIP on it? No problem at all!


Each POS terminal is a payment terminal that you buy and own. Say goodbye to terminal use fees. Accept any form of payment – no chance for making mistakes and no need to rewrite amounts to a separate device.

And if there are seasons when you don’t need card payments, simply suspend the service for a period of time.


Each POS has built-in GSM connectivity, for which you do not pay extra. The models smart connect with your WiFi. And while they are not just regular fiscal cash registers, they meet the requirements of online cash registers.



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