Certyfikat CERTUM Trusted SSL

Certyfikat CERTUM Trusted SSL

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If you run an online business, such as a small or medium-sized online store, business website or web portal, and you process personal data and post registration and login forms, then secure your site with a Certum OV Trusted SSL certificate!

Here are the benefits that this certificate provides:

Confirmation of your company’s identity.
A financial guarantee of €400,000.
Support for different types of domains, including a Wildcard option.
The validity period of the certificate is 1 year.

Certum Trusted SSL certificate is ideal for:

Sites of financial or insurance institutions.
Sites of top government offices, such as the Public Information Bulletin (BIP), electronic mailbox or customer service systems.
Sites that process patient health data.
Large online stores (e-commerce).
Websites of large corporations.
Communications with ePUAP services.

Certum Trusted SSL Certificate provides advanced security for these sites, protecting sensitive data and enabling secure online communication.