Online Cash Register Datecs WP-25 GPRS with SIM card (black)

Online Cash Register Datecs WP-25 GPRS with SIM card (black)

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Datecs WP-25 online fiscal cash register is a medium-sized device designed to collaborate with the Central Cash Register Repository. Manufactured by Datecs, this online fiscal cash register is equipped with a powerful battery, enabling it to operate independently of power sources, making it an excellent choice for food trucks and mechanics.

Datecs WP-25 fiscal cash registers are adapted to work with other devices, including scales, barcode readers, cash drawers, and payment terminals. We offer Datecs WP-25 online fiscal cash registers in several versions, providing various internet connectivity options, including WP-25 LAN, WP-25 WIFI, and WP-25 WIFI with GPRS using a SIM card.

Datecs WP-25 fiscal cash register is ideal for both commerce and services. Designed for small retail, gastronomic, and service outlets, it comes with a spacious item database (16,000 PLUs), making it a suitable fiscal cash register for both brick-and-mortar and online stores. The presented model also serves as a fiscal cash register for mechanics, as online fiscal cash registers have been required in automotive repair shops for some time now.

Datecs WP-25 is a fiscal cash register for the gastronomy sector. Its compact dimensions (160x233x65 mm) and light weight (0.676 kg) make it well-suited for small to medium-sized gastronomic establishments. It serves as both an excellent online fiscal cash register for restaurants offering dine-in or delivery services and a reliable cash register for food trucks, whose owners often change their parking locations and participate in food truck rallies.

Efficiency is crucial in stores, workshops, and gastronomic establishments. The Datecs WP-25 fiscal cash registers are equipped with practical features, including large, backlit LCD displays for both cashiers and customers, the ability to add over 200 types of packaging to the database, programmable payment forms, additional currencies, definable direct keys, and reliable operation in temperatures ranging from -5 to +45°C. Additionally, they offer quick paper replacement using a “drop-in and work” system.

Backed by Datecs’ reputation and a 5-year warranty, the Datecs WP-25 fiscal cash register ensures reliability and convenience for users. Available in black or white, it combines functionality with a robust design.

To benefit from the 5-year warranty, owners of retail stores, workshops, or food trucks need only adhere to regular maintenance and technical inspections of the device.

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