Virtual cash register for android – biennial fee

Virtual cash register for android – biennial fee

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Virtual cash register for android – biennial fee

Virtual Fiscal Cash Registers Ltd. proudly announced that their innovative virtual fiscal cash register has received approval from the General Administration of Weights and Measures on March 13, 2023. This means that their fiscal app, available for Android devices, can successfully replace traditional fiscal cash registers.

Customers, deciding to use Virtual Fiscal Cash Register Online, can take advantage of a two-year subscription, which guarantees full compliance with current tax regulations. The installation process is extremely simple – after registering on the Customer Portal, users will receive a link to download the application to their phone or tablet. Self-fiscalization takes just 2 minutes, after which you can freely use the application to record sales, issue fiscal receipts and generate daily reports in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Finance.

This innovative solution is becoming a pioneering model in Poland, offering a mobile alternative to traditional fiscal cash registers. Thanks to a dedicated application for Android devices, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to handle fiscal transactions in a modern way. Homologation of the Central Office of Weights and Measures confirms compliance with current standards, which allows legal use of this innovative tool for handling fiscal cash registers.