Virtual checkout on android – monthly fee

Virtual checkout on android – monthly fee

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State-of-the-art Virtual Fiscal Cash Register available for monthly subscription, ensuring full compliance with tax regulations.

On 13/03/2023, Virtual Fiscal Cash Register Ltd. received general approval from the General Office of Measures for its innovative virtual fiscal cash register. From now on, it is possible to replace the traditional fiscal cash register with a mobile device thanks to a fiscal application dedicated to Android.

The Virtual Fiscal Cash Register application, which is the first of its kind in Poland, has received approval from the General Office of Weights and Measures, which means that it can be used to replace traditional fiscal devices.

Virtual Fiscal Cash Register Online is an application available for installation on Android devices. All you need to do is register on the Customer Portal and then download the application to your phone or tablet using the link sent to your private email address. The simple instructions will enable you to fiscalize the cash register yourself in just 2 minutes. After this process, you can freely use the app to record sales, issue fiscal receipts and generate daily reports, as required by the Ministry of Finance.


Starting June 1, 2020, entrepreneurs can use a virtual cash register as long as they have one:

Transportation of passengers by passenger car, including cab (except occasional transportation)
Rental of passenger cars with a driver – PKWiU
Removal services, which provide for households – PKWiU
Passenger transport by road – PKWiU, PKWiU and PKWiU
Passenger rail transport – PKWiU and PKWiU 49.10
Passenger transport by aerial cableways, funiculars and ski-lifts – PKWiU
Sea transport of passengers, by ferry – PKWiU
Passenger inland waterway transport – PKWiU, PKWiU and PKWiU
Passenger air transport – PKWiU and PKWiU
Hotel services – PKWiU 55.10
Services of tourist accommodation facilities and short-stay accommodation – PKWiU 55.20
Services of campgrounds (including camping vehicle sites) and camping sites – PKWiU 55.30
Other services related to accommodation – PKWiU 55.90
Services of restaurants and other food service establishments – PKWiU 56.10
Other catering services – PKWiU 56.29
Beverage preparation and serving services – PKWiU 56.30
Sales of coal, briquette and similar solid fuels made from coal, lignite, coke and semi-coke for heating purposes
Catering – PKWiU 56.21
Sea and coastal passenger transport by cruise ships – PKWiU
Inland water transport of passengers by cruise ships – PKWiU


Do you not operate in an industry that is allowed to use a virtual cash register?
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