Virtual cash register iPOS pocket

Virtual cash register iPOS pocket

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iPOS Pocket Offer – Mobile Online Fiscal Cash Register

iPOS Pocket is an innovative solution designed for businesses, combining the functions of a virtual online fiscal cash register, payment terminal, and sales system. The mobile iPOS Pocket cash terminal has been designed with convenience and operational support for companies in various industries in mind.

Features of iPOS Pocket:

  • Mobility: With its compact size and built-in battery, iPOS Pocket allows transactions to be carried out anywhere, providing full functionality.
  • Multifunctionality: The terminal combines the functions of a fiscal cash register, payment terminal, and sales system, ensuring that all necessary tools for transaction processing are in one device.
  • GSM Connectivity: With its GSM module, iPOS Pocket provides a constant connection to the network, enabling real-time transactions.
  • Practical Features: The device is equipped with physical buttons, a touchscreen display, and a receipt or invoice printer, making operation easy and ensuring quick document exchange.

Benefits of iPOS Pocket for Your Business:

  • Mobility and user convenience
  • GSM network connectivity
  • Multifunctionality and comprehensive solution
  • Affordability and flexibility in financing
  • Possibility to expand the offer with other iPOS devices

Take advantage of the modern iPOS Pocket solution, which will enable you to efficiently manage transactions and streamline your business operations.

Feel free to contact us for detailed information and to take advantage of our offer!

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