Delivery robot- Dinerbot T3 Pro

Delivery robot- Dinerbot T3 Pro


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Dinerbot T3 Pro

Welcome to the future of food delivery! Keenon provides the most advanced solutions that ensure safe and efficient deliveries over long distances. Here’s why our robots are the leaders:

Advanced Chassis 4.0 Delivery Robot

  • Our patented Chassis 4.0 system guarantees smoothness and excellent adaptation to diverse environments.
  • It eliminates shocks, ensuring your orders arrive in perfect condition, regardless of the distance.

180-Liter Capacity

  • Specifically designed for upscale restaurants and bars.
  • Adapted to deliver large portions, with each shelf capable of holding three standard food trays.

Exceptional Service

  • Doors open automatically at the beginning of the route, and a convenient switch can be pressed on-site, ensuring smooth flow and quick return of dishes.

Automatic Elevator Service

  • Robots can independently use elevators, allowing for fast, smooth, and efficient deliveries on different levels.

If you dream of safe, fast, and reliable deliveries, our delivery robots are the solution!

Product parameters

Product size


623 x 496 x 1351mm
Battery work 12-15h
Tray number 3
Product weight 71kg
Maximum speed 1m/s
Charging time 5h
Work place outdoors, flat surfaces
Capacity 40kg
Operation system Android