Delivery robot – Keenon Butlerbot W3

Delivery robot – Keenon Butlerbot W3

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Keenon Butlerbot W3


Take your hotel service to the future with the W3 model – your comprehensive solution for exceptional guest experiences!

Welcome to the era of modern hotel service! Your hotel deserves the best, which is why we are introducing a new standard with the W3 model – a waiter robot that will not only enhance your guests’ stay but also provide top-notch service.

Modern design tailored to your hotel

The W3 model is not just a waiter robot; it’s a true work of art that will seamlessly fit into the elegant interiors of your hotel. Crafted from premium materials with the comfort of both staff and guests in mind.

Intelligent service, secure delivery

With advanced sensors, the W3 model will precisely plan delivery routes and easily adapt to hotel elevators or guest rooms. Fast and contactless delivery will ensure that your guests receive their orders quickly and safely. Orders are securely enclosed inside the robot, eliminating the risk of damage or contamination.

Safety and elegance combined

The W3 model stands out not only for its speed and safety but also for its elegant design that will impress your guests.

Cutting-edge technology for your success

The W3 waiter robot is not just equipment – it’s a comprehensive solution for your hotel that will prepare your business for future challenges. Intelligent obstacle detection and remote control capabilities will give you full control over guest service.

Best offer for you

The monthly leasing cost of the W3 model is only 1,610.93 PLN net with a 10% down payment, a five-year leasing period, and a 15% purchase option. It’s an investment that will give you a competitive edge and elevate the level of service in your hotel.

Take your hotel service to the next level today! Give your guests unforgettable experiences and invest in the W3 model – a waiter robot that will provide them with top-notch service. Discover the possibilities of the latest technology and offer your customers something exceptional. Contact us now to learn more details and start preparing your hotel for the future!



Product parameters

Product size
Maximum angle ≤ 5°
Minimum passage width 70cm
Battery work 9-12h
Number of trays 3
Cabin size 390*385*300mm
Product weight 48kg
Maximum speed 0,8m/s
Charging time 5H
Miejsce pracy outdoors, flat surfaces, dust-free
Capacity 20kg
Operating system Android


A video from the Imperiall Resort hotel in Sianozetty:

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