Delivery robot KeenonT8

Delivery robot KeenonT8

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Robot dostawczy T8

Welcome to the world of future deliveries!

Can you imagine an ideal assistant that not only speeds up your work but also brings a new level of service to your business? Meet the T8 model – a revolutionary delivery robot that will completely change your approach to daily tasks.

The T8 delivery robot is not just a device – it’s a partner that reliably handles every task. With its innovative 2+1 visual planner, the T8 can scan and recognize obstacles in real time, allowing it to navigate smoothly even in the most crowded spaces.

Its versatility is impressive – whether it’s serving as a waiter in a restaurant, delivering snacks at an event, or couriering small packages, the T8 model easily adapts to various tasks. Equipped with a laser sensor, the T8 accurately senses if something is on the tray, ensuring the safety and protection of transported items.

The high efficiency and intelligence of the T8 are the keys to success in the dynamic business world. With remote control via computer, tablet, or phone, you can have full control over the robot, even when you’re far away from it.

Get ready for a revolution in customer service and work efficiency. Choose the T8 model and join the future today!



What sets the T8 model apart?

  • Equipped with a visual planner.
  • Ideal for working in crowded spaces.
  • Highly efficient, agile, and intelligent.
  • Able to sense if something is on the tray thanks to laser sensors.
  • Remote control via computer, tablet, or phone.



The monthly cost of leasing with an initial payment of 10%, five years and a 15% buyout will be: PLN 1,013.61 net.


Technical Parameters

Product size
Maximum angel ≤ 5°
Battery work 8h – 12h
Number of trays 3
Tray size 383*342
Product weight 38kg
Maximum speed 1,2m/s
Charging time 5H
Place of work outdoors, flat surfaces, dust-free
Capacity 20kg
Operation system Android


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