Delivery robot – Keenon T10

Delivery robot – Keenon T10

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Delivery Robot – Keenon T10

The DINERBOT T10 is a true innovation in the world of robotic customer service, offering unparalleled interaction through voice, touch, and sight. Equipped with an open, spacious tray and plate detection feature, the T10 stands out among other models from Keenon. Its enhanced emotional control, stable fluid delivery, and ability to navigate tight spaces make it indispensable in restaurant environments.

With advanced sensor fusion technology, the T10 can adapt to different lighting conditions and precisely detect obstacles. Using four stereo cameras and two LiDAR sensors, the robot not only ensures safe navigation but also effectively avoids collisions.

Its flexible head allows for expressing various emotions, making interactions with customers more natural. Additionally, customization options, such as different head accessories, enable the robot to be tailored to individual preferences.

All Keenon robots are equipped with an advanced navigation and positioning system, which, combined with intelligent software, can handle up to 20 units simultaneously. This revolutionary approach to customer service raises the standards of efficiency and productivity in the restaurant industry.

The monthly leasing cost with a 10% down payment, five years, and a 15% buyout will be: 1,502.33 PLN net.

Product parameters

Product size


Minimum passage width 58.5 cm
Battery wokr 6-8h
Tray number 4
Product weight 58kg
Maximum speed 0,8m/s
Charging time 5h
Place of work outdoors, flat surfaces, dust-free
Capacity 40kg
Operation system Android
Operation screen 11,6 cali